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What people are saying….

"The session was fun and easy." JY

"My senior portraits are fantastic! I love them! Thank you!" -RB Class of 2016

"Our favorite part of the session was your dedication to take as long as it was needed to get each shot." -KW

"Bridget seemed so genuinely interested in our story. We had the photos taken as a first "family photo" after my father passed away a few years ago. She talked to us about our feelings since he had passed, and she really worked hard to connect with us and give us everything we wanted in the shoot. We had a lot of fun reminiscing about our family memories with Bridget." -LM

"The session went quickly and efficiently. Everything was great. She was prepared for us." -JD

"My mom LOVED and I mean LOVED the photos. She was completely surprised and overjoyed. This was one of our favorite Mother’s Days and the photos were a big part of that. THANK YOU for everything. I’ll be in touch again soon." -GD

"Photos are AMAZING...Thank you so much! I can't wait to see/hear everyone's reaction! =)." -LF

The pictures are absolutely beautiful!"- SY

"I really love them. :-) " -CO
"WOW! !!!!. Beautiful! !!!!!"-LS
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Cake Smash

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Image 13 Photo Contest Winner

Child Portrait




 We help professionals communicate their important mission with professional, high-end imagery.

  Caught in the Moment This image won first place in an ASMP photography contest.  All of the winning images are being exhibited at Calmut Photography in New York City.  Here is the link:


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