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Family Session

Saylehi_Fam21_BW Kids_BW_Wedding Onorato11 Onorato9_BW_logo DeCrescenzo22 Watson8_B&W View from the Burbs, O'Brien 2013 Watson4_B&W YB5A3276 McCay11_low_resFamily Session

The single most asked question I get is…  what should we wear?   First think about where you would like to display your images.  Do you want to hang a beautiful display in one of the rooms in your home?  If so, then think about selecting outfits that will compliment your decor.  Simple is always best.  It’s best to coordinate outfits with color or style but not necessarily “match”.    Hats, scarves, boots are fun and can add an unique feel to your images.

Top! Bridget Horgan Bell Photography 2016
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